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To get promotions 1 & 2 buy medusa skull for 25 Archlight Tokens and Royal Medal for 50 Archlight Tokens at the Token Exchanger NPC at the depot and use them.

Minimum level required: 999 (1200+ with a team is strongly recommended) Reward:

  • Memory Box (Third promotion)


The quest consists of 3 seals which have to be completed in order to finish it. Each seal contains a boss at the end of the path which has to be killed before accessing the next seal/reward room. teaming up with other/stronger players is recommended.


First Seal

The path is straightforward with no shortcuts, traps, mind games or something like that, just a long cave filled with the monsters listed below. The Seal consists of a couple of caves and the boss room of course. Once the boss is dead, walk through the door, pull the lever if it's not pulled already and exit through the teleporter. Now walk toward the next seal. Monsters:

  • Blood GhoulGhoul.gif
  • Tomb SkeletonDemon Skeleton.gif
  • Undead FighterUmrzyk.gif


  • Undead WarlordUmrzyk.gif

War2.PNG War3.PNG

Second Seal

This Seal contains just one long cave filled with Death Crawlers, the boss room is located downstairs at the end of the path. Once dead, get past the door, pull the lever and walk through the teleporter.

  • Death CrawlerUndead Cavebear.gif


  • Skullbash Shock Head.gif


Third Seal

This is the final Seal leading to the reward room. It contains a couple of short caves filled with different monsters. At the end you'll face the boss which you must hit at least once to enter the reward room. Once dead, walk through the door and into the teleporter which will take you to the reward room. Pick up your Memory Box and use it to receive the Warlord Promotion (Note: You won't be able to use it if you don't have the previous promotion yet. You can't skip promotions!)

  • BlightfangDemon Outcast.gif
  • DreadfiendFear.gif
  • HearteaterSoul.gif


  • The ReaperGrim.gif

War5.PNG War6.PNG