Wild Bosses

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Wild Bosses

Wild bosses are a new series of creatures added to Archlight. There are currently 80+ different wild bosses that can spawn throughout the different monster portals.

A Wild Boss is spawned after killing a set amount of any creatures in any spawn, able to be viewed via the wild boss window which can be found on the top bar. In addition this will also tell you how many of every creature has currently been slain and how many more until a wild boss spawns. Everyone on Archlight can contribute to summoning a wild creature, however you will need to contribute at least 20% of kills to be able to enter the portal as soon as it spawns, everyone else MUST wait additional 5 minutes to prevent stealing of the boss from people that actually contributed towards the kill count. Contributing 20% after he teleport spawns will not grant you the permission to take on the wild boss. Each Wild Boss will need 150 creature of it's type to be killed to summon one. When a wild boss spawns it will open a portal in that spawn/cave. Wild Bosses will have a 15 minute cooldown until they can spawn again.

Wild Bosses have 5x more health and 2-3x more damage than the normal creature. Each boss can drop up to 10 Wild Boxes (depending on the strength of the boss).

These boxes are able to be stacked, traded and stored. They can be opened to receive a completely random reward. The following items can be recieved when opening: platinum coins, crystal coins, archlight tokens, brown pit demon that gives 1 of the 3 Waccoon mounts, soul soils, rune soils, stat stones, upgrade stones, sugar canes, broken archlight keys or regular archlight keys.

Some bosses have unique drops used for addons, some of which include;
Black Knight Wild Boss - Damaged Steel Helmet
Nomad Wild Boss - Coral Comb
Exiled's Wild Boss - Flask of Warrior's Sweat

1. Aged Serpent spawns
Agedserpentspawn.PNG Capture.PNG
2. Aggressive Armadiles
3. Ancient Dragons
Ancient drags.PNG Ancient dr.PNG
4. Aquatics
Aquatic elites.png Aquatics.PNG
5. Behemoths
Behemoths.PNG Behemothsss.PNG
6. Black Knights
Black knights.PNG Black knightsk.PNG
7. Bog Raiders
Bogs.PNG Bog raiders2.PNG
8. Carniphilas
9. Charmers
10. Cliff Striders
Cliff striders.png Cliff str2.PNG
11. Corrupted Hydras
Corrupted hydra.png Co hydras2.PNG
12. Crystal Spiders
Crystal spiders.png Crts spiders2.PNG
13. Dark Torturers
Dark tort.PNG Darktorts2.PNG
14. Death Reapers
Death reaper.PNG Death reaper.PNG12.PNG
15. Demons
Demons.PNG Demons2.PNG
16. Deserted Pirates
17. Devils
18. Dire Wolves
19. Dragon Lords
Dragon lord.png Dragons2.PNG
20. Dragonlings (Tp: 1500+)
Dragonlings.PNG Dragonlings 2.PNG
21. Dragons
Dragon (1).png Dragons22222.PNG
22. Drakens
Drankes.PNG Dranken2.PNG
23. Draptors
Drap1.PNG Drap2.PNG
24. Dryads
25. Enflamed Lords (Tp:450+)
Lords1.PNG Lords2.PNG
26. Enraged War Golems
Enraged war golems.png Golems.PNG
27. Exileds
Eternals1.PNG Eternals2.PNG
28. Fierce Dragons
29. Forest Fury's (Tp:40+)
Forest furys1.PNG Forest furys2.PNG
30. Forest Goddess
Forest goddess23.png Forest goddess2.PNG
31. Forgotten Knights
Forgotten Knight.png
32. Forsaken Dragon (Tp: 1500+)
Forsaken dragons.png
33. Frost Dragons
Frost dragons23.png Frost dragons2.PNG
34. Giant Spiders
Giant spiders1.PNG Giant spiders2.PNG
35. Gnomevils
Gnomevils.png Gnomeville2.PNG
36. Goblins
37. Grim Reapers
Grimreaper1.PNG Grimreaper2.PNG
38. Guzzlemaw (Tp: 130+)
Guzzlemaws1.PNG Guzzlemaws2.PNG
39. Gusko lizards/drakens
Gusko Wild Boss.png
40. Hellfire Fighters (Tp: 130+)
Hellfirefighters1.PNG Hellfirefighters2.PNG
41. Hellflayers
Very difficult, don't attempt without serious sustain

to the right downstairs at the beginning of the spawn


42. Hellfleshed Demons
Hellfleshed demons1.PNG Hellfleshed demons2.PNG
43. Hellspawns
Hellspawns.png Hellspawns2.PNG
44. Helms
45. Heroes
Heros.png Heroes2.PNG
46. Hydras
Hydras1.PNG Hydras2.PNG
47. Infernalists
Infernalists1.PNG Infernalists2.PNG
48. Island Tigers
49. Lab Crabs
50. Leviathans
Leviathans.png Leviathins2.PNG
51. Lizards
Lizards1.PNG Lizards2.PNG
52. Lost Berserkers
Lost bersk1.PNG Lost bersk2.PNG
53. Mandragoras
54. Metal Gargoyles
Metal gargoyles.png Metalg2.PNG
55. Minotaur Amazon
Minotaur amazon.png Minataur ama2.PNG
56. Moles
57. Navy Pirates
Navy Commander.png
58. Necromancers
59. Nomad Pillagers
Nomad1.png Nomad2.PNG
60.Oasis Crocodiles
61. Oasis Hydras
Oasis hydra.png
This boss on Azmar sands can be found on -3 Oasis Hydras south-east
62. Ogres (Tp: 900+)
Ogres1.PNG Ogres2.PNG
63. Plagued Rats (Tp:+)
Plagued rats.png Plag rats2.PNG
64. Possessed Crustacea
65. Possessed Deepseas
66. Possessed Dragons
67. Possessed Dreams
68. Possessed Scorpions
69. Radiant Raiders
Radiant Raider.png Radiantraider2.PNG
70. Retching Horrors
Retching horrors.png Retchinghorror2.PNG
71. Rhutums
Rhutum1.PNG Rhutum2.PNG
72. Sand Dusk Scarabs
SandDuskScarab1.png SandDuskScarab2.png
73. Screaming Gravelers
Screamingrav1.PNG Screaminggrav2.PNG
74. Stampors
Stampors1.PNG Stampors2.PNG
75. Undead Dragons
Undead drags1.PNG Undead drags2.PNG
76. Vampires
Vampires1.PNG Vampires2.PNG
77. Vexclaws
Vexclaws5.png Vexclaws2.PNG
78. Voids
Voids1.PNG Voids2.PNG
79. War Golems (Tp: 100+)
Warg1.PNG Warg2.PNG
80.Werewolves (Tp:70s+)
Werevoles1.PNG Werevoles2.PNG
81. Wyrms
Wyrms5.png Wyrms2.PNG
82. Yetis
Yetis5.png Yetis2.PNG