Wild Box

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Wild Box.png

You see a Wild box.

It weighs 9.99 oz.

Wild boxes can be looted from Wild Bosses.
These have a chance to drop many different items, most are common and not valuable, however it can drop extremely rare items, mounts and addons.

Pc.gif Platinum Coins (Common)

Cc.gif Crystal Coins (Common)

Archlight Token.png Archlight Token (Uncommon)

Upgrade Stone.png Upgrade Stone (Uncommon)

Stone of Wisdom.gif Stat Stone (Uncommon)

Bunch of Sugar Cane.gif Sugar Cane (Rare)

When used gives 50 energy.

Soul Soil.png Soul Soil (rare)

Broken Archlight Key.png Broken Archlight Key (Rare)

Five of them can be smelted into Archlight Key

Archlight Key.png Archlight Key (Very rare)

Brown Pit Demon.gif (Very rare)
Brown Pit Demon that gives 1 of the 3 Waccoon mounts

Some Golden Fruits.gif 50% Experience boost (Very rare)